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In case of Item Receipt on the occasion of Transit at Dubai Air Port, it is required 4 hours minimum to immigrate into Dubai.

You are requested to immigrate once and receive a material at Departure Lobby. We have experienced some trouble cases as bellows before so we recommend you to check your Air Line before you to place order with us.

  1. Incoming Flight to Dubai was delayed and transit time became less than 4 hours and entering immigration was rejected.

  2. Customer had already be issued Boarding Pass at the initial Air Port and Air Line declined an additional luggage Check-In at Dubai Air Port. When Customer tried to carry material in cabin, Food Material was rejected and confiscated by Air Line.

  3. When Customer changed Air Plane, Air Line was also different and Terminal was also different. (Terminal 1.3 to Terminal 2 is remotely located) Customer was rejected to immigrate into Dubai and unable to receive Goods.

*Delivery at Transit, there could be some more troubles. In case, you could not receive goods by the reason you could not enter Dubai, Cancellation fee should happen. Please consult our staff at the time of Order if you may foresee any risk.

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