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  • After the delivery of Goods, you should move to Air Line Check-In and Custom Clearance by yourselves.

  • Our service is finished before the Gate, however we do hope you could bring those items to your final destination safely and smoothly.

  • Therefore, we would like to give you a few advices from our experience who will exit from Dubai International Air Port.

  • We do appreciate if you would update us with new information or suggestion from your experience so that we could improve our services in future.

    1. In the Terminal 1 & 2, there is a X-ray Scan before the Air Line Check-In. In case you are questioned of the contents, it is recommendable to answer [JAPANESE DRY FOODS]. There is no restriction at Dubai Air Port for Frozen or Chilled foods, however sometime more detail inspection may happen. It is an advice in order for you to go through smoothly.

    2. Some Air Line may reject a Polystyrene foam box for check in as it is. As long as we know Qatar Air Line, Turkish Air Line are the ones. It is required to packed in a carton (double packing) Please mention in the Order Form of the Air Line name even for hotel delivery, we will arrange double packing outside carton with an additional AED 10 charge.

    3. Even a small quantity、please Check-In food items either frozen or chilled. If you will hand carry into a flight cabin, items may be confiscated by air line staffs.

    4. If any items which is not very clear you could smoothly clear custom at your destination, please mention in the [REMARK] column in the Order Form. We will remove those item name from the packing list.

    5. For the customer to India, it is recommendable to arrange small separate packing. In case you requires specific item to be packed or how to pack separately, please specify in the Order Form.

    6. For the customer to Iraq, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Tajikistan, Kirgizstan, we recommend to pack Cooler Box into suitcase. ( Information from our customers from those area ) this case, Cooler Box size should be “Small” or the maximum “Medium.” Otherwise, using Cooler Bag and pack into suitcase. (Please remind Cooler Bag cooling capacity is less than Cooler Box)

    *We are trying to gather updated information all the time, however situation may change time to time, We do appreciate if you would update us with new information at your area whenever you will have some new cases. It is our pleasure to share such precious information among all our customers as so called mutual support.
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