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Company Profile

Gourmet-ya Trading

What we do:

Gourmet-ya Dubai

The Gourmet-ya import and sale Japanese food products in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It is also engaged with exportation and wholesaling, and it manages Japanese retail grocery stores for the sale of food ingredients to domestic and neighboring countries through e-commerce.

Gourmet-ya KSA

The Gourmet-ya KSA import, sale, and offers wholesale business of Japanese food ingredients in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

About Us:

In 2012, we opened Japanese food retailer called “Gourmet-ya” located next to the main store of Bento-ya along Sheikh Zayed Road in the Central of Dubai City. Gourmet-ya is a sister company of the Japanese Restaurant named Bento-ya. Gourmet-ya has an established company name of “GOURMET-YA TRADING”.

The Representative Partner is Shinji Taniuchi, and the UAE National Partner is Mana Salem Al Mana. The two jointly manage Gourmet-ya.

Since the opening of the Bento-ya in 1997, the predecessor of the Bento-ya has been engaged in fresh fish processing, food procurement, and delivery to airports for customers from neighboring countries. With the increasing tourism of Dubai, the demands of the Japanese food products expanded, and with the launch of online sales, the online sales department became independent as a “Gourmet-ya”.

Gourmet-ya sells fresh fish and processed meat products located at the Bento-ya centralized kitchen.

In April 2012, to officially start selling Japanese food retail goods, a physical store was opened next to the main store of Bento-ya which became independent from Bento-ya as a Gourmet-ya Trading. We mainly offer original processed products including retail products.

Following the expansion of our business, we welcomed orders from conventional neighboring countries to African countries and delivery services to Abu Dhabi and Al Ain in the UAE.

In 2020, JETRO certified Gourmet-ya as a Japanese food supporter store. On the same year, Gourmet-ya expanded its business as the corona virus increased the demands for delivery services.

In 2021, Representative Shinji Taniuchi is appointed as a “Japanese Food Goodwill Ambassador” by the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries in recognition of his many years of achievements.

In 2022, taking the opportunity of the rush of Japanese restaurants to enter Saudi Arabia, the partner-owners established a wholesale business “Gourmet-ya Saudi Arabia” (official company name Wasl Way Trading) in Saudi Arabia’s capital, Riyadh which is scheduled to be opened to public in August.

Our Mission and Vision: 

Japanese food is now a popular dish in the world. Here in Middle East, its high quality and safety are steadily being evaluated and are becoming widespread. The mission of our gourmet restaurant is to play a role as a “conduit” to spread Japanese food to the Middle East.

There are still many excellent foods and ingredients in Japan. The vision, we will work closely with producers and manufacturers to disseminate the products in the Middle East and provide export support. We also introduce products which are close to Islam to customers in the Middle East for purposes of sale and importation. We would like to convey the wonders of Japanese cuisine to Middle East and become a true connector.

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